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We are a family owned pizzeria and ice cream parlour located in quaint, downtown Hadley. We take great pride in our town and our great state. The building is over 150 years old and for the greater part of the past 20 years is has been owned by the Wallace family. Whether you're a neighbor or you're not from around here we'd love to have you! Come enjoy an ice cream, or a pizza, or better yet, have both!    

A Little Hadley History…Hadley Township was established in 1834.

History of this building, now known as The Parlour, established well over 150 years ago.

This building was first occupied by Virgil Bailey, with his undertaking and furniture business. In the early days, it was common for caskets to be sold with furniture. No funerals were held in this building. It was common for the bodies to be held at home.

Once a week, Dr. Harrison, a dentist from Davison Michigan, would come out and perform dentistry work on people who had dental problems. His office was on the south side of the building. He shared his space with another dentist, Dr. Clark, also from Davison.

Later, the building changed ownership, and became the home of William and Edith Eckel. William was a barber and ran his barbershop in the north part of the building. The shop was connected to the pool table and card room. It was not unusual to see the local men at the poolhall playing a game of pool or cards. Saturday night was typically a big night at the pool hall.

Once Mr. Eckel stopped his barbering business, the building has had several other tenants, including, the First National Bank of Lapeer, a clothing store, an insurance company, an antique store, as well as others.

*References- Historical Scrapbook of Hadley Township

In 1993, the Wallace’s purchased the building from Jim and Pat Stone. They turned it into an ice cream and coffee shop. In 2008, they turned it into a pizzeria and ice cream shop. Their love of tasty food and all genres of music was the inspiration for the decorating theme.

The building holds memories of the past.

Below is a picture of the newspaper from the 1800’s that was discovered pasted on wall behind the drywall. That wall has remained untouched with the newspaper still on it.